The concept is to build a Wordpress plugin (free and open source) which can be embedded in a post or page. The concept starting point code is hosted in a github repository here: and a demo of the current code can be viewed here: The current viewer loads a model based off of an exported .JSON which uses the vA3C library/exporters located here: 

We are looking to build a viewer which allows any person on a project site to: - Use WebGL technology to view a model in a browser - any modern web browser - View a model in a quick and efficient way - add a worker.js, use caching, leverage WP_Transients API (

- On top of efficeint viewing, caching practices may also provide an outlet for offline viewing (HTML5 Offline -

- Spin and fly through the model with your mouse and use keyboard controls (

- Turn layers on and off if applicable - this will allow users to show only particular parts of a model. For example, if I am a electrical superintendent and want to view just the bus duct risers in a space 

- Add the ability to measure. Measuring in 3D is always a challenge, but determining a scale off of a 3d plane and creating a tool to accurately measure in impreial and metric would go a long way. 

- Add camera angles from predefined views in the Revit model to provide a meaningful viewpoint for users rather than wasting time navigating using controls

*extra scoring if done in x3dom and webgl

Hackathon Sponsors


$500 in prizes

Web3D viewer

Must be made open source

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Teams must have at least one team member present at the event


Hugh Seaton

Hugh Seaton

Judging Criteria

  • open source
    Project must be open source and be built on webgl. Extra judging consideration if project is done in x3dom & webgl

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